Git Gob

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Flynt feat. Orelsan “Mon pote” (Official video)

Name all the movies… GO!

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Actual Food Porn..

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FOUNDING FATHERS narrated by Chuck D…
A factual report about unsung DJ’s who contributed to the foundational principals of the music known today as Hip Hop. This documentary transports you to a journey back to the early underground disco days of the streets and parks throughout New York City.
-In memory of the late great Pete “DJ” Jones, Rest in Peace

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Snatch – Another Brick In The Wall (The Apple Scruffs Edit)

Well late to the party on this particular tune, although I’ve posted about The Apple Scruffs a few times previously. A wicked edit of a nice disco cover version of the Pink Floyd classic

Get it here…

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‘THUNDER” – Chairman Maf


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Mr Scruff’s Non-Mobile-Disco: Band on the Wall, Manchester, Sat 5 April 2014

This month was our first ‘Non-Mobile Disco’.. no mobiles on the dance floor. Really helped the atmosphere, and we will carry on with this policy from now on. Great night at Band on the Wall as always.. the 5 hour monthly DJ session with a proper across the board music policy & lovely crowd. Can’t forget the amazing sound system, venue & staff too! This month I changed from my usual Grado DJ200 cartridges to Audio Technica AT440s, sounded a lot clearer. After about 7 years on the Grados, it might be time for a change!

0.00 The Breadwinners ‘Mr Landlord’ 0.05 Mikey Dread ‘The Jumping Master’ 0.10 Al Campbell ‘Jah Love’ 0.16 Generation Gap ‘Music From My Mind’ 0.19 Kalbata and Mixmonster feat Mutabaruka ‘Same Thing Every Day’ 0.23 I Roy and Dennis Walks ‘Heart Don’t Leap’ 0.26 Bunny Wailer ‘Rule Dancehall’ 0.29 Dennis Bovell ‘In Tha Mix’ 0.32 Gregory Isaacs ‘Drifting Away’ 0.37 Queen Latifah ‘Princess of the Posse (Ultimatum Instrumental) 0.42 Tall Black Guy Vs James Brown ‘Funky Drummers in a Space Suit’ 0.45 EPMD ‘Rap is out of Control’ 0.47 45 King and Lati ‘Lati Rocks the Bells’ 0.50 Mr Scruff and Denis Jones ‘Stereo Breath’ 0.53 Antonio Adolfo ‘Cascavel’ 0.56 Edson Frederico ‘Bobeira’ 0.59 Daphni ‘NPE’ 1.04 PIL ‘Part 2 Megga Mix’ 1.08 Pleasure ‘Nothin’ To It’ 1.12 The Mission Men ‘Microphone Wizard’ 1.14 Foundation 7 ‘Compredator’ 1.18 Johnny Hammond ‘Shifting Gears’ 1.23 Jerry Carr ‘This Must be Heaven’ 1.29 Bobby Thurston ‘You Got What it Takes (Remix) 1.37 Bernard Wright ‘Just Chillin’ Out’ 1.41 Man Friday ‘Love Honey, Love Heartache’ 1.47 Jago ‘I’m Going To Go (Frankie Knuckles Mix) 1.54 Frankie Knuckles ‘Only The Strong Survive’ 2.00 Bam Bam ‘Give It To Me (Instrumental) 2.04 Ark ‘Le Magicien D’os (Mr Oizo remix)’ 2.06 Cherrystones ‘Honey’s Pot’ 2.09 Fleetwood Mac ‘Tusk’ 2.12 Kalbata and Mixmonster feat Major Mackerel ‘Congo Beat the Drum’ 2.16 Daddy Freddie ‘Bad Boy Patrol’ 2.19 Admiral Bailey ‘DJ Juggling’ 2.22 Dread and Fred ‘Warriors Advance’ 2.26 Mystikal T ‘A Rise I Sion’ 2.30 Orchestra Makassy ‘Mambo Bado’ 2.35 Apple ‘Rock on (Version)’ 2.39 Lil Mo ‘5 Minutes (Instrumental) 2.44 Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force ‘Planet Rock’ 2.48 Capital A ‘All Day’ 2.52 EPMD ‘Strictly Business’ 2.53 Emskee and E the 5th ‘Intellect Interject’ 2.57 Melvin Bliss ‘Synthetic Substitution’ 2.59 Maceo and All the Kings Men “MACEO’ 3.05 The JBs ‘Escapism parts 1 and 2’ 3.12 Manteca ‘Afro Funky’ 3.17 George Danquah ‘Just For a Moment’ 3.20 Funkadelic ‘Cholly’ 3.24 Luke Vibert ‘Radart’ 3.30 Sam Irl ‘Time’ 3.34 Kuniyuki ‘All These Things (Theo Parrish Instrumental)’ 3.42 Mr Scruff ‘Deliverance’ 3.46 Mr Scruff and Denis Jones ‘Render Me’ 3.50 Mr Scruff ‘We Are Coming’ 3.56 Floating Points ‘King Bromeliad’ 4.04 First Choice ‘Double Cross’ 4.10 Jamal Trice ‘If Love Is Not The Answer’ 4.13 Black Aroma Edits vol.1 ‘Be With You’ 4.19 Alegre All Stars ‘Se Acabo Lo Que Se Daba’ 4.25 Aquarian Dream ‘Phoenix’

For a limited download link, click on the button above.

Full list of gigs here:

New album ‘Friendly Bacteria’ released 19th May 2014 on Ninja Tune.


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Summertime is Great (Official Music Video)

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Dalek Relaxation tape..

The perfect way to unwind…

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