Mixes and Radio Shows

Radio Shows:
These are all ‘live’ mixes unless otherwise stated, no ‘whack em into pro-tools’ type cheating here….

Christmas mix for Cambridge 105 18/12/10:

[audio:  http://www.margaretscratcher.co.uk/mixes/Mr%20margaret%20Scratcher%20on%20105fm%20181210.mp3]

Download (Right click and ‘save as’)

Mix for Cambridge 105 04/12/10

[audio:  http://www.margaretscratcher.co.uk/mixes/Mr%20Margaret%20Scratcher%20on%20105fm%20041210.mp3]

Download (Right click and ‘save as’)


You can also find some more disco/house type mixes that I’ve done with my partner in crime, Captain Stearne, over on the QVC – Quatre – Vingt – Cing site.

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