I play the tunes that I like, either on my own, which tends to be more hiphop soul and funk, or alongside Captain Stearne for our QVC – Quatre -Vingt – Cinq nights which are geared more towards 80s electro, Italo, disco, and bassline funk.

Hopefully you’ll like them too…

West Side Tory

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  1. Ben Stevenson says:

    Hi there

    My name is Ben Stevenson and I work for BBC Radio Peterborough. We also cover Whittelesy and Eastrea!!!!! Was wondering if you knew who made the Whittlesey song and if you had contact details for them. We would love to speak to them!

    You can call us on 01733 312 832


  2. Shawn says:


    Happened to be at your QVC night last Saturday & heard you drop a classic old Prince tune but was pulling my hair out trying to remember which lp it’s from.

    you know the one I mean? Please remind me!

    Respect for bleeding that one in there. Great to hear it out. Generally pretty nifty set too 🙂

    Actually know Jay from way back.


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