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Moments In Hiphop (Bigger Than Hypnotic Edit) – Dead Prez vs Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

I was just going to use the acapella, until I realised that both songs have the same chord progression… A nice lucky accident… FB DOWNLOAD

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Musicless Musicvideo / JAMIROQUAI – virtual insanity


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TNGH T – Higehr Gruond


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One Direction without any Studio Trickery…

So we all know there’s a fair amount of tweaking and autotuning that goes on in order to make pop bands sound as polished as they do, but this rare, un-processed track from One Direction shows you just how different … Continue reading

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Alan Hawkshaw – Traffic (Dj Prime Rework) FREE D/L

Nice. download link in the player, be sure to go leave a comment, and also it’s well worth following DJ Prime on soundcloud..  

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UKIP Shipping Forecast

  No doubt you heard recently that a UKIP councillor blamed recent storms and floods on gay marriage, and with that in mind, here is the shipping forecast: Written and performed by Nicholas Pegg.

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Pixar courts controversy with trailer for latest kids film ‘Assface’

I personally think it’s going to be a great hit with the whole family.  

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David Attenborough narrates Miley Cyrus’s MTV VMAs performance

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Errrr…. My face is up here, yeah?

Man uses hidden crotch cam to catch women staring at and photographing his giant bulge while he pretends to nap on subway.  

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Cappo – Chaos (Prod. Nappa)

Meant to post this aaaages ago. Lucky for you lot that I’m working my way through my draft post backog, eh? Exclusive track lifted off the Wordplay Sessions Vol.1 Mixtape mixed by DJ Sammy B-Side, which you can listen to … Continue reading

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