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Do Cute Kids Really Like Hip Hop?

Haaaa! Classic, let a bunch of kids listen to some rubbish hip-pop tune and see what they think…

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Mr~M’s Mad March Mix Another great mix from Mr M, who can be found regularly dropping the heavy funk 45s at “We Love James Brown” at The Cow, and also as one of our regular guest DJs at Soul 4 Soul at La … Continue reading

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Photoshop Troll..

Haaa! Scouring the photoshop request forums in order to infuriate those who would rather someone else does all their hard work for them… I APPROVE!

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LOOKATMYFUCKINGREDTROUSERS Does exactly what it says on the twat. Er… Tin. I meant tin…

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Lethal Bizzle Talks About Tulisa’s Alleged Sex Tape

Haaa! For extra jokes points, hit the ‘cc’ button down the bottom and select ‘Transcribe Audio’ . . . .

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Psychic Tupak.. Why doesn’t someone just ask who shot him?

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Tempa T Gonzo Workout Pt. 1

NEXT HYPE! Hah, not a massive fan of his music, but this is ridiculous…

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Mc Disturbance – Diss track to my step dad mark


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World’s First Ever DJ Battle..

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