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Channel 5’s slight Whitney Houston advert programming oversight…


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Secret Handshake…

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Dan Greenpeace – Piano Breaks 2

Brand new mix from Dan Greenpeace, an homage to DJ Yoda’s ‘Piano Breaks’ that came out in 1998 For more information visit So I should probably put this into some kind of context. Back in 1998 a then fledgling … Continue reading

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Inja – Bass Music Escapism Lp *PREVIEW* Bass Music Escapism is more than a music album. It’s a 16 track journey. A fucking loud journey, best made with your head placed neatly between two subwoofers, eyes closed. A journey through the raves, festivals, carnivals and stage … Continue reading

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Errrm…. How has this not been in the news? EDIT: Hmmm on further investigation, it seems that it could be an elaborate Nigerian bank scam…. Riyadi, as the tale continues, supposedly had 750,000 tons of gold backing the $15 trillion … Continue reading

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Dave Chappelle – For What It’s Worth

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Terry Wogan’s Dubstep Selection

I’m not usually a fan of dubstep but T-WOG$ seems to know his onions – HE’S GOT SOME BANGERS UP HIS SLEEVE! (Ammended picture and pun (c) Matthew Wright 2012)

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PRESSURE- LDZ/ Matta feat Stig Of The Dump (Official Video)

‘PRESSURE’- LDZ/ Matta feat Stig Of The Dump (Official Video) Available to buy on Digital download on 27th February 2012 @

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Das Racist – Who’s That? Brooown!

Big fan of this video…  Reminds me of playing Leisure Suit Larry on my Amiga back in the day…. Oh, and you can play the actual game here:

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Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris..

… and Bolo Yeung VS Guile Chuck Norris(Sunski) & Bolo Yeung(Swellz 1) VS Bruce Lee(Quantum) & Guile(Vincanity) I Battle Night 7 Halloween Edition, & 2nd Nature Crew Presents: BATTLE NIGHT Vol. 7 (Studio Fifty-Eight in Roseville) This time … Continue reading

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