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‘Gotta Pull My Finger out’ Mix for Cambridge 105 fm

Okee dokes, so this was supposed to be my UK/Cambridge special, but due to my finger being firmly jammed in, I didn’t get all the interviews and tracks etc that I wanted, so that’ll have to wait for the next … Continue reading

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Rebecca Black – Friday (Unprocessed Accapella)

Using highly sophisticated technology, scientists have extracted the vocals from this track, and removed all the processing and auto tuning.. [tube][/tube]

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SIN Cru’s Urban Sinfonie BBoy Battle 2011

Not much explanation needed, this is gonna be awesome! in association with The Junction & Cambridge City Council present Urban Sinfonie Who will be the new Freshest Kids? …It’s All Good Friday 22nd April 2011 Entry: 7:30Pm – 12am … Continue reading

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Suave Debonair – ‘I.T. Dave’

The new video from SUAVE DEBONAIR [tube][/tube] ‘I.T Dave’ is classic rap storytelling from MC Suave Debonair. The story of a ridiculed office geek who has the last laugh… Listen to more SUAVE DEBONAIR at the following sites…​suave-debonair

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Arthur Baker – Jazzy Break Down

Anyone who’s seen ‘Beat Street’ should recognise this from the huge battle scene at The Roxy, this is a slightly different mix off the ‘Breaker’s Revenge’ 12″ Quick history lesson for you all, courtesey of wikipedia: Baker was born in … Continue reading

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Dirty Dike – Hi, I’m James…

Excellent promo vid and first track off the forthcoming album ‘Constant Dikestar’. Proper good, order it here: Also you can catch him this very friday performing alongside Phi Life Cypher at Suspect packages live: [tube][/tube]

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Mr T’s Commandments

No doubt you’ve all seen Mr T’s ‘Be Somebody, or Be Somebody’s Fool’ motivational video for kids (And if you’ve not, track it down it’s gold – according to rumour Ice T wrote all of Mr T’s Raps..) but what … Continue reading

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Live Set at Resurrection, Fez Club 06.01.2011

Little mix I did for Resurrection, a proper hiphop night right here in Cambridge… All vinyl, for a change, no serato, effects units or other modern jiggerypokery, just plain old fashioned DJ skills… [audio:] Download it here (right Click and … Continue reading

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Cocoa Brovaz – “Super Brooklyn”

I played the instrumental of this on the last Margaret Scratcher Radio Show, and a friendly turtle just asked me what it was, so I though I might as well post it up… This track was released late 1999(unofficially, due … Continue reading

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